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Click here for the list of the Council's Proposed committees that support the youth

Committee Guide 2019-2020

Click here for the agreed upon list of club committees for the year 2019-2020:

Committee Guide 2019-2020 - club final

 Please use this approved form to report on the Council funded event that was hosted by a club.  It should be presented and turned in at a Council meeting. 

end of event report


As a resource, a few of the Council's past events are posted here:

Achievement Night Committee 2018

Achievement Night Dance committee 2018

Achievement Night Dance wrap report 2017

Club Book judging wrap up  Hilltown  2017 (part of Incentives and Recognition  Committee)

Spring - Club Book Training Judging wrap up 2018-2019  

Bowl A rama Committee 2019

Bowl-O-Rama wrap up 2018

  Bowl a rama wrap up by KCBR 2017

2019 Color Me Green Fun Run wrap up

Leadership Extravaganza wrap up packet 2017

Fantastic Field Day overall 2017

        Poster contest wrap up 2017

      Fantastic Field Day Dessert Committee 2019   

       FFD Dessert Contest Committee 2018 End of event report-dessert

       Vegetable Judging

      Livestock Judging Committee Packet 2018-2019

       Judging Contest

Food Booth set up Committee 2018

Gonzales Presentation night wrap up 2018-2019

Presentation Night Evaluators committee 2019

Presentation Night - Evaluators 2018

County Record Book Contest committee 2018

County Record book Contest committee wrap up 2017

Star Rank Verification Committee 2018 (Part of Incentives and Recognition)