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Emerald Star

Emerald Star

This green star is an optional star rank level designed for intermediate and senior 4-H members. Like all star ranks, it is awarded by the Monterey County 4-H office through the Council's Incentives' and Recognition Committee.

This star rank is designed to help youth explore project planning, organization, and presentation. Youth are to develop an action plan for some type of service or an event. It could be a resource that can be used by other clubs and or members which includes lessons, videos, handouts or items. The plan must benefit the program and it’s members. 

In general, the Emerald Star purpose includes:

  1. Providing an opportunity for 4-H members to develop 4-H leadership beyond the club level.
  2. Improving, creating, and expanding any of the 4-H programs.
  3. Helping individual 4-H members grow and improve in the areas of organization, leadership, service learning and project planning.

Applicants must plan and present an idea before an Emerald Star review committee. If the plan is accepted, they are to organize, document, complete the activity and then present the results before committee.  After completion and presentation of their project, they are awarded with the Emerald Star ranking.

contact the 4-H office for an application.


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