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Diamondback moth monitoring program

We have set up several sex pheromone traps along the Salinas Valley to record the population fluctuation of the diamondback moth. Corteva Agriscience has provided partial funding for the insect trapping network.

The graphs below summarizes the overall moth captures. The data is broken by 1) the Castroville location and 2) the other locations along the Valley. Castroville is shown separately from the rest of the locations since it was the only one that has always had moth captures since the beginning of this monitoring program.


2019 - 2020 Overall moth / trap / day captures

DBM Graph May20


2019 Overall moth / trap / day captures



The maps below show the monitoring locations, paired with their respective moth capture data as a yellow bubble. A bigger bubble represents a larger moth capture.


Moth captures May 5th, 2019

DBM 5-7-19


Moth captures April 30th, 2019

DBM 4-30-19


Moth captures April 23rd, 2019

DBM 4-23-19


Moth captures April 16th, 2019

DBM 4-16-19