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Salinas Valley pest monitoring

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Below are links to a web-based app for a thrips, aphids, and diamondback moth trapping network. This tool will provide more seamless access to pest population data. The goal is to provide growers with a tool to view the most up-to-date lettuce/cole crop pest population data for the Salinas Valley. Our app can be used to quickly view current pest abundances, where pest populations are increasing the fastest, and how previous years’ pest populations responded to changes in temperature. Weather permitting, the app is updated weeky.

The traps are operated by Daniel Hasegawa with USDA-Salinas in partnership with UCCE Monterey. Pests are trapped on a weekly basis using sticky traps (diamondback moth: pheromone trap, thrips and aphids: yellow sticky card). Ben Lee created this app as a member of the Grettenberger lab at UC Davis.

Click on the links (below) to open the app in your browser or on your phone. See the about tab on the app for information on the app.

Desktop version: https://salinaspestmap.shinyapps.io/salinas-pestmap/

Mobile version: https://salinaspestmap.shinyapps.io/salinas-pestmap-mobile/

SV Pest Monitoring Program website picture