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CropManage - More Information

The CropManage software, initially launched in 2011, has been supported by grants from the California Department of Food and Agriculture, California Department of Water Resources, and the USDA.  The software has always been free, and is used by growers, farm managers, consultants, governmental and non-profit agencies. The privacy of user-entered data is securely maintained following up-to-date industry protocols and UC policies. 

Since 2011, the capabilities and performance of the software have improved considerably.  Although initially developed for lettuce, CropManage now supports a range of vegetables, and includes perennial crops such as alfalfa, strawberries, raspberries, and almonds.  The algorithms for each commodity are based on years of UC research. We plan to continue adding new crops and features based on user feedback. CropManage reliance by the agriculture community has steadily grown, providing more than 72,000 irrigation and fertilizer recommendations to users during the past 9 years.

Why do we need your money?

Funds are needed to continue to maintain and to improve CropManage software.  Fixing bugs and addressing new developments in internet browsers and protocols requires updates to the software.  Hosting CropManage on a professional cloud server and storing user data also has fixed costs.  Through grants, UC Cooperative Extension has paid these expenses as well as the salary of a full-time professional software engineer who keeps CropManage running smoothly and adds new capabilities and features. While we will continue to seek out new grant opportunities, user donations are requested to offset the costs of operating CropManage and to assure that this valuable online tool is sustained into the future.  

If you have found CropManage to be a valuable service for your farming operation or company, please consider donating. Just click the link below to donate.

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