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A Guide to Using Polyacrylamide (PAM) Polymers for Control of Irrigation Run-off on the Central Coast

Comparison of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation in Brussels Sprouts - Water Use, Nitrogen, and Crop Yield

Drip Fertigation - Achieveing Uniform Applications

Drip Germination of Lettuce - Strategies for Enhancing Lateral Movement of Moisture Around Buried Drip Tape

Drip Irrigation Management for Optimizing N Fertilizer Use, Yield, and Quality of Lettuce

ETgage can Provide Accurate Estimates of Reference Evapotranspiration

Evaluating Salinity in Irrigation Water

Evaluation of Polyacrylamide (PAM) for Reducing Sediment and Nutrient Concentration in Tail Water from Central Coast Vegetable Fields

Evaluation of Polyacrylamide (PAM) Formulations for Controlling Suspended sediments and Nutrients in Sprinkler Run-off

Evaluation of Practices for Controlling Storm Run-off from Vegetable Fields

Evaluation of Practices to Minimiza Chlorpyrifos in Tail Water from Sprinkler Irrigated Vegetable Fields

Improving Distribution Uniformity of Sprinklers Under Windy Conditions

Improving Irrigation Uniformity of Drip Systems on Sloped Fields

Improving Nitrogen Use in Strawberry Production 2011

Irrigation Management for Optimizing Raspberry Production

Large Scale Irrigation and Nitrogen Fertilizer Management Trials in Lettuce

Leaching Fraction Effects on Salt Management and Nitrate Losses in Commercial Lettuce Production

Load vs Concentration - Implications for Reaching Water Quality Goals

Management of Salinity for Lettuce Production

Nitrogen Management in Strawberry Production

Optimizing Overhead Sprinklers - Pressure Effects on application Rate, Distribution of Water, and Pumping Costs

Optimizing Sprinkler Application Rates - Pressure, Nozzle Size and Lateral Spacing

Protecting Water Quality through Improvements in Irrigation Efficiency

Rooting Patterns of Caneberries

Strawberry Water Use on the Central Coast

Tips on Injecting Polyacrylamide (PAM) into Sprinkler Systems to Reduce Sediment and Nutrient Losses

Using Tensiometers for Scheduling Irrigation of Coastal Vegetables

Vegetated Treatment Ditches - Ineffective in Reducing Nutrient, Sediment, and E. coli Bacteria Concentrations in Irrigation Run-off on the Central Coast

Water Use for Strawberry Production on the Central Coast

Winter Cover Crops for Reducing Storm Run-off and Protecting Water Quality in Strawberries