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Favorite Family Food

A bilingual newsletter reporting popular nutrition and health topics, food purchasing, nutrition activities, food safety information and tips, and menus that are low-cost, nutritious, tasty and base

Issues Articles Type Date Added
Volume XI, Issue II - Apr - Jun, 2011 Articles include: Enjoy California Oranges; Elotes Asados/Roasted corn with Chile; Earth Day 2011 Begins at Home; Su Hogar Verde; Take a Giant Step; Spring Menus PDF 3/22/11
Volume XI, Issue I - Jan - Mar, 2011 Message is how to get the most nutrition for the fewest calories AND food dollars! Follow UCCE Cal-Fresh Ed. on Face Book in January when staff documents a month living on the same Cal-fresh allotment as 40 million other Americans. (This issue also includes a supplement on caring for ill family members at home) PDF 12/22/10
Volume X, Issue IV - Nov - Dec, 2010 Articles include: Culinary Tips – Grandma’s Secrets; Cooking Lesson – Braising; Food Safety –Turkey Basics in Two Languages – Recipe – Don’t Forget the Pie!; Saving Money; Year-End Menus. PDF 11/12/10
Volume X, Issue III - Sept - Oct, 2010 Articles include: Transitions- Halloween to Harvest Festival; Cooking Lesson- Garden Stew; What’s on Your Plate for Fall?; Drink Water; It’s All about Balance. PDF 9/1/10
Volume X, Issue II - Jul - Aug, 2010 Articles include Salad Days; Kids Can Cook- Sienna's Pasta Salad; Cool, Clear Water; Juicy Fruit Recipes for Kids; A Safe and Happy Summer; Swimming is Fun; Summer Menus. PDF 7/2/10
Volume X, Issue I - May - June, 2010 Articles include: Back to the Future (why we should re-learn culinary skills); the 10-way Chicken; Learn to Use a Chef's Knife; Please Pass the Gremolata [not the salt!]; Spring into Summer Menus PDF 4/27/10
Volume IX, Issue IV - March - April, 2010 It's a "Special Recipe Issue!" Articles include: In March, Eat Something Green; Green Vegetables in 2 Languages; Kids make Peacamole; Parent- Family Health is the Riches at the End of The Rainbow; Food Safety Alert and Spring Menus. PDF 3/9/10
Volume IX, Issue III - January - February, 2010 Articles include: You Can Get What You Need; Grandfather's Soup; Why Cook With Children?; Convenience Food FAQs; and Mrs. Duarte's Fish Head Soup. PDF 1/6/10
Volume IX, Issue II - November - December, 2009 Peas on Earth; "Freshen up right here" - an idea that is new again; Cooking with children: Great Grain Gifts; How to save Water AND Wash Hands Often; Perfect Turkey in Any Language; Two Festive Desserts; Fall-Winter Menus. PDF 11/18/09
Volume IX, Issue I - September - October, 2009 Articles include: Back to School with a New Pledge for Health; Preserve Harvest Bounty; Cooking with Your Child - Farmer's Market Finds; Protect Your Family From the Flu; Indian Summer Menus. PDF 8/28/09
Volume VIII, Issue VI - July - August, 2009 Articles include: Summer is for Fun; Artichokes; Cooking with your Child - Beet It!; BBQ Time and Beach Walking. PDF 8/28/09
Volume VIII, Issue V - May - June, 2009 Inspiration: One Family's Story; Grandmothers Speak about Summer Fruit; Children Cook Sincronizadas; Parent Page: Get the Lead Out! PDF 5/14/09
Volume VIII, Issue IV - March - April, 2009 Be A Water Miser; Classic Twice-Baked Potatoes; Avoid Salmonellosis; Walk to Work?; Spring Menus PDF 3/10/09
Volume VIII, Issue III - January - February, 2009 Articles include: Soup, Beautiful Soup; Cooking with Children - Minestrone WOW!; Meals when the Lights go Out; Festive Meals for Holidays; Low Cost Exercise at Home; Winter Menus. PDF 1/9/09
Volume VIII, Issue II - November - December, 2008 Articles include: Safe Eggnog; Kids Cook Chili; Turkey Basics; A Cookie You Can Take To School PDF 12/12/08
Volume VIII, Issue I - September - October, 2008 Victory Gardens; Pinching Pennies; Cooking with Your Child: Bread Pudding - a Thrifty Favorite; Pumpkin Pages; Parent Page; Berry Picking and Indian Summer Menus. PDF 9/10/08
Volume VII, Issue VI - July - August, 2008 Saving Summer Vacation; Grandmothers Speak: Eat Carrots and See at Night; Cooking with Kids: Homemade Noodles; New American Plate at the Farmers' Market; Parents Page: Food for Nursing Moms; Safe Marinades/Spicy Grilled Chicken Recipes; Active Fun for the Summer Family; Summer Menus PDF 7/2/08
Volume VII, Issue V - May - June, 2008 Saving Your Green; Grandmothers speak: Honey for Coughs; Cooking with Children: Healthy Hot Dogs?; Seeds of Change: A Fresh and Delicious Picnic Plate; Parent page: A Family Garden for Fun and Savings; Getting Physical: A Walk in the Park; Late Spring Menus PDF 7/2/08
Volume VII, Issue IV - March - April 2008 Kids Living Green; Grandmothers Speak: "You Need Your Roughage"; Cooking with Kids - It's Pizza Time; Seeds of Change - Spring is Delicious!; Parent Page - Money Talks; An Irish Dinner; Getting Physical: 3 is the Magic Number; Food Safety: Do You Have a Fridge - or a Food Museum? (includes handy pull-out to put on your fridge); Spring Menus PDF 3/7/08
Volume VII, Issue III - January - February 2008 Think Green in 2008; the Grandmothers Speak: an Apple a Day; Cooking with Your Child: Macaroni and Cheese; Parents Page: It's Never Too Early To Start - Recycling; Don't Let Germs in Your Door; Take Your Immune System for a Walk; and Winter Menus PDF 12/1/08
Volume VII, Issue II - November - December 2007 The Grandmothers Speak ~ Oatmeal; Cooking with Your Child ~ Chicken Nuggets; Safe Holiday Food; Family Walks PDF 11/13/08
Volume VII, Issue II - September - October 2007 Eating With The Seasons - Fall Equinox; Old Days: Halloween; Learning to Cook: Cook Street Garden Stew; New American Plate for Fall; La Página para los Padres: Agua - fría, clara agua; Parent Page: Water; Food Safety for Young and Old; The Exercise You Really Need and Early Fall Menus PDF 7/18/08
Volume VI, Issue VI - July-August, 2007 4th of July Food; Learning to Cook: Cool Ades; New American Plate ~ 4th of July Picnic; Farmer's Market Supplement; Parent Page: Fruits of Summer; A Safe & Happy Supper; Old-School Fun; Summer Menus PDF 9/15/08
Volume VI, Issue III - May-June, 2007 Asparagus; Old Days - Elotes Asados; Learning to Cook: Roast Corn & Chile; New American Plate; Your Green Home/Su Hogar Verde; and Spring Menus PDF 6/1/08
Volume VI, Issue II - March-April, 2007 Old Days: Beans and Bean Soup; Handwashing 101; Lead and Nutrition; Speed Play and Spring Menus PDF 3/12/10
January-February, 2007 Increase Your Skills; Food Safety During Illness At home; Learn to Use A Chef's Knife; Exercise and the Healthy Family and Winter Menus PDF 12/20/07
November-December, 2006 The New American Plate; Getting the Grease Out; Learning to Cook: Braising; Eating New Greens; Holiday Food Safety; What's In It For Me? Vitamins A and C; We Came Here to Dance; Year End Menus PDF 12/19/07
September-October, 2006 Myth Busters: Vegetables and Fruit; Learning to Cook: Pepitas; Food Shopping - Parents Are The Best Teachers; Safe Handling of Fresh Produce; She's a Regular Gal- She Eats Fiber; Walk To Watch the Seasons Change; Harvest Menus PDF 12/19/07
July-August, 2006 Learning to Cook: Old-time Garden Stew; Parent Hand-out: Healthful Food Can be Fun; Ready for the Grill Drill?; OK OK, We All Need "K"; Swimming - it Just Feels Good; and Summer Menus PDF 4/6/11
May/June-2006 THIS cupboard's not bare!; Learning to Cook Off the Shelf: Spaghetti with Clam Sauce; Parent Hand-out: Busy Families and Mealtimes (Las Comidas en Familias); Is it Done Yet? You Can't Tell by Looking; Fishing for Omegas 3s; Take a Balance Break; Spring into Summer Menus PDF 4/6/11
March/April, 2006 Learning to Cook: Asparagus-Beef; Family Talk/Charlas Familiares; Can Your Kitchen Pass the Food Storage Test?; Calcium: Kids' Bones; Exercise: Kids' Bones; and Early Spring Menus PDF 11/18/08
January/February, 2006 Familias Saludables, nuestra resolución para 2006; Learning to Cook: Smothered Pork Chops; Parent Handout - Children & TV; Bird Flu Facts; Winter Menus PDF 8/13/08
November/December, 2005 Salinas Mayor Caballero speaks out about local health; Learning to Cook: Tamale Pie; Junior Chef at Your House; Safe Food in Emergencies; Exercise Inside: Have a Ball PDF 4/6/11
July/August, 2005 Simón Salinas Speaks Out; From the Garden; Picnic Pasta Salad; Looking for Whole Grains?; Berry Delicious; Exercise After Injury PDF 4/6/11
May/June, 2005 Pyramids Old and New; Homemade Ice Cream; Produce Portion Sizes and Spring Into Summer Menus PDF 4/6/11
March/April, 2005 Old Days- Nicoise Salad; FDA's Advisory on Eating Fish; Learning to Cook - Tuna Croquettes; 2005 Dietary Guidelines; Official Calorie Charts; Pautas Alimenticias 2005; Late Spring Menus PDF 8/22/08