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4-H Record Book

Reminder: The state 4-H offices have revised the Record Book manual for both youth and adults. Use the 2020-21 version only!

Please destroy all record book manual and forms prior to 2020. For more information, visit the California 4-H state website  http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Members/RecordBook/RBResources/ 

 To read the February 2016 Monterey County Record Book Team letter that was a part of the record book updates, click here  Recommendations by team 2016


MS Word

Adobe PDF

Revised 2020-2021 4-H Record Book Manual     Record Book Manual
Record Manual Guide for Adult Volunteers 2020-21    
Revised 2020 Personal Development Report The Word version allows you to complete the form directly into the document and expand the rows as needed.  Personal Development Report From

Revised 2020 Annual Project Report The Word version allows you to complete the form directly into the document and expand the rows as needed.  Annual Project Report From  
Revised 2020 Leadership Development Report -  (LDR)
Leadership Development Report  
Google forms are available- see 4-H state website  http://4h.ucanr.edu/Resources/Member_Resources/RecordBook/ 4-H Achievement Awards Form  
Market Report Form animal project report form animal project report form
Cloverbud Report form (optional)   Cloverbud 4-H Record book report 2016  
 Summary Of Years form (optional) see  verification link  

Need more help?  See the Record Book samples tab

Record Book "Cheat sheets", Powerpoint presentations and additional forms by club:

Buena Vista Record Book Activity Guide 2020-2021

Carmel Valley Cheat Sheet 2020-2021

Lockwood Cheat Sheet 2020-2021 DRAFT

San Benancio Cheat Sheet 2020-2021

Record book training 2018 Chualar   Can be used for group training.  Can be used in powerpoint

Record Book Club vs County - Chualar   Used as an explanation of the possible differences in club books and county contest.  (Specific to Chualar - not every club)

Record Book Powerpoint training  Annual Project Report forms MCRBW - 2021 APR (2)

Record Book PowerPoint  training  Personal Development Report forms

Record Book Powerpoint training My Story forms 

 DUE DATES:  The County Record Book contest is open!

 Physical books are due in the 4-H offices (by appointment!) on the due date.  (no virtual or uploaded options)  

 Make sure that your club has 1 adult judge for every 1 to 4 books submitted. Judges will receive training and  receive 2  options for judging

In-person in small groups - Morning and afternoon. date TBA

Judges will be contacted and given options once all books have been received. Record Books will not be accepted from clubs not meeting the judging quota.   The club will receive one notice the books have been removed from the contest.  


State Judging