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Community Club Leader Corner

Club Administration Forms

Review these samples and ideas to help your 4-H club:

Community Club Leader Volunteer Job Description   Interested adults are to fill out this form and submit to the 4-H office staff. Potential Club Leaders are interviewed as part of the application process.

Community Leader planner sample 2021-2022

SB Project Description Sheet This is an example of a complete project list that would be prepared by June for the members to select the projects they are interested in joining for the new program year.

Sample! Enrollment Form - Gonzales 4-H (excel)   This is a possible paper version of project enrollment held in June.

4-H Volunteer positions proposed 2020 This is a list of volunteer jobs that a club could use to encourage more adult volunteers.

4-H Project Talk Form    Use this form to keep the Project Talks meaningful, educational and organized.  After the member uses the form, it could be turned into the Vice President and saved until the end of the year for Record Book verification.

4-H Club Management training - generic

Survey - member - Chualar   sample

Survey - Parent - Chualar   sample

San Benancio club survey sample

 New family resources, Club Calendars and club newsletters

New family packet - state

Welcome Packet Monterey County 2017 revised

New family infomation sheet This is a blank form to give to new families.

Aromas family letter sample for follow up

Sample letter for new families  Welcome Letter BV

sample letter for new families  Spring 4h welcome letter 2018-19

Welcome to beginning 4h   Powerpoint from Chualar

Buena Vista Beginning 4H Project Syllabus (3)

Club Calendar sample - Chualar

Club Calendar sample - Spring

Club Calendar sample - Buena Vista

Newsletter sample spring- Lockwood

Newsletter sample fall - Lockwood

San Benancio club newsletter sample

Officers, Officer Advisor and resources

Secretary labels 2020-2021 PDF or, Secretary labels 2020-2021 Word

Treasury labels 2020-21 PDF Or, Treasury labels 2020-21

ADA Accomdations form fillable   Or, ADA Accomdations form PDF

Bank Information sheet 2021-2022

Agenda samples:


San Benancio meeting agenda and minutes sample

Other forms or samples:

Chualar meeting agenda sample

Chualar meeting minutes sample

Officer Election ballot   Officer Election  process handout from LSU

SB4H Officer Positions   written sample

CV TOC secretary Table of Contents sample Carmel Valley

table of contents Treasurer book sample - Spring

Table of Contents Secretary's book sample - San Benancio

Officer contract - Chualar

                                     Officer or Executive Board  Agendas

   Buena Vista Exe Board monthly meeting examples   2022

Chualar Executive Officer meeting agendas   2022

Natividad Officer meetings sample 2022

Officer Meeting Agenda - Chualar  sample of an Executive Board or Officer Meeting

Club Officer training letter - BV

Spring 4-H Officer Retreat 2018

Executive Board meeting agenda sample - Buena Vista

Chualar Exe Board meeting sample

Executive Board meeting agenda sample - San Benancio

                                        Mid Year Officer Review

Officer Mid Year Agenda - sample  

San Benancio Mid year review sample   2021

San Benancio Mid year review sample 2023

Aromas Mid year review 2023

Greenfield Mid year review agenda

Officer ideas:

New Member Greeter Roles sample New Member Officer roles

Activity Officers 2016-2017 sample ideas

Roller skating social flyer - Chualar  Healthy Living sample

Roller Skating Oct 2016 flyer  Healthy Living sample

Correspondence Report - Lockwood sample

CV corrospondance sample of writing correspondence

Club Planners:

San Benancio Annual Club Planner sample

Club Meeting Planner - KCR sample

Club Meeting Planner - Lockwood sample

Annual Club Planner sample - Chualar

Annual Club Planner sample - Mission

Outreach Planner and Outreach Methods sample's and ideas

Each club turns in a Planner at the beginning of the year and what was completed as the Outreach Methods at the end of the year.

Aromas Outreach methods 2023

Outreach Planner sample - Mission

Outreach methods sample - Mission

Sample  Outreach goal planner Chualar

Sample  Outreach goal planner Gonzales

Sample    Outreach - Lockwood letter

Sample   Outreach - Lockwood meeting poster

Royal Oaks  school letter RO Business sample ltr

Royal Oaks business letter  RO school sample ltr  

Club Committees

Sample! Committee Sign Up Sheet  blank

Committee Sign up sheet- Spring  Spring sample using Shutterfly

committee signup - Lockwood  Sample from Lockwood

Hilltown committee list sample

  Committee Chair checklist_2015   revised from Buena Vista! To give to each youth Chair before the committee begins

Committee overview   Forming committees handout 

Committee chair roles   Handout from Wisconsin to help committees

Committee planner & wrap up form