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4-H Camp McCandless

Hello 4-H Community,

Camp Counselors applications are now open!  These forms  must be filled out and returned by November 3rd at 4pm at the Monterey County 4-H office, 1432 Abbott St, Salinas. 

Interviews will be held Monday, November 13th beginning at 6:00 PM, location Ag Conference center, 1432 Abbott st, Salinas.   https://cemonterey.ucanr.edu/4-H_Program/Camp_McCandless_663/

Applications and all supporting paperwork are due November 3rd, 2023 by US mail to the above address or, hand-delivered only to the 4-H offices. (No email)

2023- 2024 Teen application

Teen Counselor Recommendation -final

As this is considered a Leadership Position, the youth are to apply, provide letters of recommendation  and, be part of an interview process.  These are taken into consideration as “points” towards acceptance. Those selected will be notified. Currently, 4-H Camp Counselor meetings will take place typically in the 4th Monday of the month starting in January and ending in June.

The process for being accepted as a teen counselor has additional parameters included in the application process. These take place before and during the camp program year. Please review these carefully before committing.

Tentative camp Counselor meeting 2023-24 schedule

11/13/23- Counselor interviews (County conference room) 

1/22/24- Camp meeting #1 (county conference room)  6pm 

2/26/24- Camp meeting #2 (county conference room)  6pm 

3/16/24- Camp meeting #3/training (county conference room)  10- 12:30 location  TBD 

4/22/24- Camp meeting #4 (county conference room)  6pm 

5/27/24- Camp meeting #5 (county conference room)  6pm TBA

6/17/24- Camp meeting #6 (county conference room)  6pm 


Camper applications will open in the spring of 2024!

Monterey County 4-H Camp program, Camp McCandless, will be held at Camp MayMac in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  This site features a full kitchen, swimming pool, basketball and volleyball courts, hiking trails and cabins and much more.  Camp dates will be posted by December 2023 for enrolled youth ages 9 to 18 years.

Known as Camp McCandless, this has been a tradition for 4-Hers for years. Held at the Camp MayMac location in the Santa Cruz Mountains, this 5 day summer camp is filled with 4-H fun.  

We take camper applications on a first-come-first-serve basis using a 4-H online registration. When we reach our limit of 100 campers (50 girls & 50 boys) - a wait list will be created and managed by our committee.  

Families are to complete the online camper registration.

A full payment  is expected along with a signed Youth Authorization Treatment form https://4h.ucanr.edu/files/4726.pdf  within one week of completing the online application or, the application will be moved to the bottom of the list. This payment is to be sent to: 4-H program, 1432 Abbott St, Salinas, CA 93901. Check should be made payable to the Monterey 4-H Camp.  Or, full payments can be taken  at the 4-H office counter between the hours of 9am – 4:30pm.

Adult Volunteers are needed, please see the volunteer information box.

Our team welcomes your ideas and continued support of the Monterey county 4-H summer camp. 

Rod Ichikawa & Jeanie Grainger, Co Camp Directors




Camp McCandless

4-H Adult Volunteers

There are a variety of other camp adult volunteer positions that should support  Camp Directors.  These include:

Camp Adult Volunteer Coordinator

Camp Enrollment Coordinator

Camp supplies, inventory & purchasing

Marketing and fund raising (tee shirts)

Camp Treasurer

Club Liaison

Medical and Emergency Response Team

We welcome your volunteer participation and continued support of the Monterey County 4-H summer camp.  Please consider any of the  support positions listed.    

To submit an application to become a 4-H Adult Camp Volunteer, please fill out an online form. This will re-open January 2024

You will be notified to confirm your interest and how you may become invovled.

For a better understanding of the importance of being a 4-H adult chaperone for an overnight event, please visit the  4-H State web page in regards to the vetting process.


Thank you for your interest!


Welcome Letter & Brochure

Camper Brochure - will return for Summer 2024

Our summer camp program has standards that are to be followed. Parents and interested adult volunteers are encouraged to be informed on how an engaging and safe 4-H summer camp is created. 


Contact the 4-H offices if you have ideas, questions or ways we can improve the 4-H camp experience.