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Star Ranks and County Awards

Star Rank and County Awards Information

What are the 4-H star ranks and other awards?

County 4-H staff and 4-H clubs are responsible for coordinating the set star ranking awards. The star award ranking system is a voluntary advancement program utilizing the Personal Development Report form (part of the 4-H record book) as a goal-setting tool, aimed at encouraging broad-based participation and achievement in 4-H.  4-H members record their participation in eight categories for the current 4-H program year on the Personal Development Report.  Activities are totaled for all years in 4-H and star awards are given to those 4-H members meeting the requirements.

Junior, intermediate and senior members may all strive for star ranks. Each star level takes an average of two years to complete. Star rank achievers receive a tangible star, which is often attached to the 4-H hat.

bronze star

Bronze Star: Complete at least 5 of the 8 PDR categories.  The 2022-2023 will be the last year members ages 9-10 year can earn this award.

gold star

Gold Star: Complete at least 7 of the 8 PDR categories.

silver star

Silver Star: Complete at least 6 of the 8 PDR categories.

Platinum Star

Platinum Star: Complete at least 7 of the 8 PDR categories.

Emerald Star

The Emerald Star, which is sponsored by the county 4-H office, is a process that does NOT include a record book. The Emerald Star program is designed for intermediate and senior 4-H members.

 Need an idea to get started on the Emerald Star planning process?  Review just a few of the ideas that have come from the leaders and members.

More awards here!  Check out the new SPARKS  award.

The Leader's Council's Incentive and recognition Committee has created and adopted awards that New(er) and motivated members can apply for each year:

Rising Star  2023-2024 

Star Presenter  2023-2024  

Council Youth Chairman pin  Co council committe chairman pin


Awards for Adult volunteers:

A 4-H Outstanding Volunteer of the Year must be nominated by a youth. It could include Club Community Leaders, Officer Advisors, Project Leaders, Council members, Camp Volunteer staff, and Volunteers who go above and beyond their leader capabilities.

Please fill out this form and submit to the 4-H offices Co council Outstanding Volunteer

To learn more about 4-H awards and recognition, you can review this overview:

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