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4-H Leaders Council

Leaders Council Officers

For the 2024-2025 Program year, only Youth Co-Officer positions will be open for election.

To see the list of Leaders Council Officer positions and their roles, click on the information below. Please read carefully and give consideration to joining the Council team:

Youth President Co-Officer

Youth Vice President Co-Officer

Youth Secretary Co-Officer

Youth Outreach Co-Officer

Youth Marketing Co-Officer

To apply for a Council officer position, please visit and fill out this simple survey:  https://surveys.ucanr.edu/survey.cfm?surveynumber=42670 

You will be contacted to discuss the possibilities! 

Officer Nomination process

Here’s how Council officers are nominated and elected:

Interested adults and youth should fill out the  interest application.

An ad hoc nominating committee consisting of volunteers is formed at least 6 months prior to annual elections called a nominating committee. (January)

After the committee reviews the online applications and, asks the candidates to answer related questions, the nominating committee meets to discuss the candidates. After speaking with the current executive board, the committee nominates officers of the 4-H Council and prepares the annual ballot for an election in June.

The officers of the Monterey County 4-H Council consist of a President, Vice President(s), Secretary, Treasurer(s), Reporter/Historian, and such others, as the 4-H Council deems necessary. These officers will make up the Executive Committee.

Senior members who are at least 14 years old at the time of appointment may serve as officers, except that of Treasurer. Youth may hold the position of Youth Treasurer and will work in partnership with an adult volunteer Treasurer.

Other officers either elected or appointed such as the immediate past president, reporter, historian, and organizational unit leader.

At least 50% of officer positions must be filled by senior youth members. Youth officer roles must have unique responsibilities and may not be classified as a “member at large”. Options for youth officer positions may include co-officer positions, such as Co-President (one youth, one adult volunteer), etc.

Officers must be from at least four different 4-H Units. They are not “representatives” of their unit in these roles, rather this provides an opportunity for diversity of thought.

For additional information such as the current Council Bylaws, please contact the 4-H offices.