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Council Scholarship

Monterey County Leader's Council high school scholarship 2021-2022

Each year, the Monterey County 4-H Leaders Council may award up to 6 (six)  $1,000 scholarships to each qualified applicant who has demonstrated a commitment to one or more county leadership programs.


  1. Be a currently enrolled Monterey County 4-H Member. Able to provide all requested paperwork, on time.
  2. Be a high school graduating senior or not yet 19 years of age as of December 31st of the current 4-H program year.
  3. Have a minimum of five (5) years of enrollment in 4-H.
  4. Ability to provide proof of full-time enrollment to a post-high school educational facility within one (1) year of high school graduation after the scholarship application process and before scholarship award is received.
  5. Successful completion one of the following leadership opportunities:   County All Stars    County Teen Ambassadors (no longer available as of 2018-2019)  Camp Counselors  Youth Council   County Council committee chairs    Emerald Star

      6. Member has made an effort to abide by the 4-H code of conduct and has overcome challenges during all years in the 4-H program.

When are Scholarships Awarded? After verification of full-time enrollment post-high school educational facility is returned to the 4-H Office, the scholarship will be paid directly to the recipient.  Scholarship awards will not be held beyond one school year of the award date.

Mo Co Scholarship application 2021-2022 final

Mo Co Scholarship checklist

Mo Co Scholarship essay 2021-2022

Mo Co Scholarship letter of recomendation

Please contact the 4-H offices if you have questions.